"The Sierras… Close and yet a world away!"

Spring, Summer or Fall, the Feather River has it all


It’s rest and relaxation at Feather River Hot Springs and it is our belief that the needs of our guests are of the utmost importance. We are committed to making sure you have a relaxing and memorable stay and hope you will return for many years to come. We love it here and know you will too. Come RELAX on the river, enjoy the natural beauty of the area and REJUVENATE in our natural hot springs.

Summer/Fall Concerts

November 10: Emily Scott Robinson

October 6: Darren Senn

September 22: The Riverside

September 21: House Party with
Kit Center & the Hollow Bones
plus Twain and Desiree Cannon

August 9: Leah Grams Johnson & Friends

August 1: Muddy + Band

July 11: The Riverside

June 21: Crow and the Canyon


Large RV spots: $45/night, including unlimited use of the hot springs.
Cabins: Cost per night ranges from $154 to $163, plus 12% TOT taxes, cleaning fee and security deposit. Includes unlimited use of the hot springs.
Day use of hot springs: By permission only. A $5 donation per person is requested for a 2-hour soak in shared pools. Please text for permission at least two hours in advance.

To reserve a cabin and for more information, click on these links to the Airbnb listings: Julius’ Mine Shack / Logger’s Camp / Lola’s Bordello

To reserve an RV spot, or for day use of hot springs:
Rocki Eriksen, proprietor
text: 925-783-2913
email: rockisgarden@yahoo.com

The Hot Springs

We have one of the few RV Parks in the nation that has a natural hot springs in close proximity to a beautiful river. The Feather River is just steps from the tubs. Day use of the Hot Springs is by permission only. A $5 donation per person is requested for a 2-hour soak in shared pools. Please text 925-783-2913 for permission at least two hours in advance.

The hot springs open at 7am, and promptly close at 10pm. They are accessed by an unlit path with a few steps, which is not suitable for wheelchairs. There is walking access only. Please bring headlamps and/or flashlights (no flammable lamps, torches, candles, campfires, BBQs, etc. are allowed).