the nursery at Feather River Hot Springs

California Sister has a good selection of veggies, herbs, natives and other cold hearty, drought tolerant perennials.

The nursery specializes in plants native to this area of the Sierras. There are plants to encourage birds and other wildlife to visit your garden. All plants are hardy to zones 5-7. Choose from many varieties of colorful perennials, vines, fruit, shade and ornamental trees. I have been a California Certified Nurseryman for over twenty years and rather than just sell you a plant, I believe in planting for a purpose and will help you find the right plant for the right spot.

California Sister is a butterfly special to this area of the Sierras, often confused with Loroquins Admiral. California Sister prefers to lay its eggs on the leaves of the live oak trees. The adult butterflies can be seen throughout the summer attracted to the many blooming perennials as well as moist sandy areas along the river.

Tiger lilies can be found growing wild throughout Plumas County, please do not dig them up. Commercially grown bulbs can be purchased at the nursery. Hummers and butterflies are attracted to these lovely lilies.

Enjoy some images from the nursery below, and click any image to enlarge.