For the health and safety of all, these are the current hot springs requirements:

  • Day use of the Springs is $10 per person for members of Friends of Feather River Hot Springs and $20 per person for nonmembers. This is for a two-hour soak. 
  • A private soak is not guaranteed; up to 6 people can be booked at once. To guarantee a private soak, the cost is $120 for 2 hours. 
  • 24-hour advance (48-hour advance for weekends) is required to request a spot (if available) at the Springs: TEXT (do not call) 925-783-2913.
  • No drop-ins allowed.

For those who enjoy the beauty of our setting and the rejuvenating hot springs, we are now offering yearly memberships to Friends of the Feather River Hot Springs! This is an opportunity to enjoy the springs any time of year. Your membership fee contributes to the maintenance of our beautiful springs!

The membership fee is $25 per adult per year. With membership, a 2-hour soak is $10 per adult; $10 for children 13 years of age and above.

Membership Rules

  • Membership lasts one year, at which point membership may be renewed for an additional $25.
  • Hours are 7am to 9pm year round.
  • Day use of hot springs is by permission.
  • You must text (‭925-783-2913) at least 24 hours before your expected arrival time to check availability and make a reservation. Rocki will try to get back to you ASAP. (Rocki's phone is not reliable and cannot get voicemail. Thank you.)
  • If texting is not available, you may email Rocki ([email protected]) to make a reservation.
  • No drop ins allowed.
  • Fee for 2-hour soak is $10 per person for members. (See information about children above.)
  • A private soak is not guaranteed; up to 6 people can be booked at once. To guarantee a private soak, the cost is $120 for 2 hours. 
  • Maximum allowed 6 people at one time for two hours max.

Visit our Hot Springs page for additional information about the springs.

How to Join

  • Download the waiver: Hot Springs Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer Waiver and Assumption of Risk
  • Read and sign the waiver
  • Write a check for $25, made out to Feather River Hot Springs
  • Mail the signed waiver and your check to: Feather River Hot Springs, PO Box 44, Twain CA 95984
  • You will receive a membership card with a password and instructions on how to reserve time in the hot springs.

Online Membership Payment Option

  • Once you have mailed your signed waiver, you can choose to pay the $25 membership fee securely via PayPal by clicking the button below (rather than mailing a check with your waiver).

Why Join

Becoming a member is now more important than ever. Any amount you enter goes toward restoring the springs.

This beautiful property has been under the care of proprietor Rocki Eriksen for the past 20 years, and it is her vision to continue to transform it from the badly neglected and abused place it was prior to her ownership.

Some of the things in the works are more tubs, a changing room, showers, bathroom and possibly a sauna. It would also be great if the Old Tavern could be restored and revived — renovated as a microbrewery, fine destination dining or a roadside cafe.

All of this takes know how, commitment and, most importantly, funds. If interested in investing and you have experience in restaurant, hotel management, concert/festival production or organizing outdoor recreational events, please send a resume to Rockel Eriksen at [email protected].

If you would rather purchase Sara's CD, all proceeds go to the Hot Springs. Sara Hoxie's CD features "Prayer for Feather River."

A Bit of History

The Northern Maidu, native inhabitants of Plumas and surrounding counties for more than 2000 years, occupied the Feather River region and its many tributaries. It's unknown whether they made use of these particular hot springs, however.

In recent history, the Springs were discovered around the same time that the road was built connecting Oroville to Reno, which was in about 1930. Small communities were built in the canyon to accommodate workers as well as travelers. The tiny trickle of hot water that came from the rocks was drilled deeper, cement tubs were installed and two free-flowing pools were developed. In the late 1930s, a small resort was built that consisted of a few tiny cabins where people could come and take the healing waters.

Feather River Hot Springs

Member Payment for Reservations

Members with a reservation to use the hot springs will be given a password to pay securely via PayPal on this page:

Feather River Hot Springs
Feather River Hot Springs