The Hot Springs

We have one of the few RV Parks in the nation that has a natural hot springs in close proximity to a beautiful river. The Feather River is just steps from the tubs. Hotel and RV stays include use of the hot springs.

Day use of the Hot Springs by permission only (2-hour soak in shared pools). $5 donation requested. Please text 925-783-2913 for permission at least 2 hours in advance.

Please note that a 2-hour reservation does not mean for exclusive use. We ask that you text to make sure that it is not too crowded or booked for a private party. Exclusive use must be booked at least three weeks in advance, and a $125 donation is requested.

Hours: Open a 7am, promptly closes at 10pm (we will be noting cars and taking license numbers).

Please note: The hot spring are accessed by an unlit path with a few steps, which is not suitable for wheelchairs. There is walking access only. Please bring headlamps and/or flashlights (no flammable lamps, torches, candles, campfires, BBQs, etc. are allowed).

Important: Dogs are NOT allowed down at the Hot Springs, no exceptions. Glass containers are not allowed at Springs, no smoking, no open flames, no diaper age children in tubs. No more than eight people at tubs at a time unless ok’d by proprietor.


The hot springs are located on the bank of the beautiful feather river. There are two tubs, filled with the waters from two separate springs.

A camper enjoying the makeshift lower hot springs pool close to the river.

After a soak in the 100 degree waters of the hot springs, enjoy a rejuvenating swim in the Feather River.

Surrounded by the beauty of the Feather River, as you soak in the healing waters of the hot springs.

Early morning mist on the mountain at the springs.

Rejuvenating at the hot springs.

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