We have one of the few camping sites in the nation that has a natural hot springs in close proximity to a beautiful river.

The setting is quite rustic — these are a natural hot springs, and nothing is added to the waters. Sulfur is naturally occurring and the temperature of the two tubs range from 99 to 104 degrees.

Use of the Hot Springs are
By Permission with Reservation Only.

Please note: The hot spring are accessed by an unlit path with a few steps, which is not suitable for wheelchairs. There is walking access only. Please bring headlamps and/or flashlights (no flammable lamps, torches, candles, campfires, BBQs, etc. are allowed).

Important: Dogs are NOT allowed down at the Hot Springs, no exceptions. Glass containers are not allowed at Springs, no smoking, no open flames, no diaper age children in tubs. No more than eight people at tubs at a time unless ok'd by proprietor.


Winter – 7 am till dark

Spring-Fall – 6 am to 9 pm

Feather River Hot Springs rules